The Office of Public Prosecutions' (OPP) vision is to make a positive difference to the community through the justice system.


The OPP's purpose is to provide an independent prosecutions service to the people of Victoria.


The OPP's goals are to:

  1. deliver high quality prosecution services to achieve fair outcomes effectively, economically and efficiently
  2. be responsive and respectful to victims and witnesses in the prosecution process
  3. influence and implement policy, procedure and law reform
  4. deliver our legal services with strong corporate governance and professional capability 


As we work towards our vision to 'make a positive difference to the community through the justice system', we reinforce and promote five core values. They are to:

  • Act with integrity –  we uphold public trust.
  • Strive for excellence – we commit to the pursuit of best practice.
  • Respect others – we treat everyone with respect.
  • Work together – we work cooperatively to reach common goals.
  • Act fairly – we promote an environment that is free from bias, favouritism or self interest.