Kerri Judd QC is Victoria's Acting Chief Crown Prosecutor (CCP). She was appointed to the position on December 19, 2017, having served as Senior Crown Prosecutor since August 2016.

After completing a Bachelor of Laws at Melbourne University in 1987, Ms Judd was admitted to practice law in Victoria in 1989 and was an Associate to the Hon Justice Gray and then the Hon. Justice Crockett.

She signed the Bar Roll in 1991 and appeared in an extensive array of appellate proceedings in the High Court and the Court of Appeal, and for the prosecution and defence in a number of significant criminal trials.

She was appointed Senior Counsel (now Queens Counsel) in November 2007.

The role of Chief Crown Prosecutor

The CCP has day to day management of the Crown Prosecutors subject to the direction of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The CCP is responsible for ensuring the Crown Prosecutors function in an effective, efficient and economic manner.

The role involves prosecuting complex matters in the Supreme Court and appeals in the High Court of Australia, and providing advice to Crown Prosecutors in relation to their matters.

The CCP is a member of the Director’s Committee, along with the DPP and the Solicitor for Public Prosecutions.

When the DPP is absent, the CCP takes on the role of Acting DPP and assumes the powers and duties of the DPP in doing so.