26 June 2015

DPP appeal dismissed in murder case

An appeal by the Director of Public Prosecutions against the sentence imposed on a man who murdered his former wife was dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

Robert Meade pleaded not guilty to the murder of his ex-wife. Meade was sentenced in the Supreme Court to 23 years’ imprisonment with a non-parole period of 19 years.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, John Champion S.C., appealed the sentence on the ground it was manifestly inadequate, with the particulars including that the sentencing judge "failed to have sufficient regard to aggravating features of the offending including the planning and premeditation involved in the offence, steps taken by the respondent to conceal his involvement and the absence of remorse demonstrated by the respondent”.

The Court of Appeal said this was murder of a very grave kind, which was planned and premeditated. "It was perpetrated by gaining entry to his ex-wife's home, lying in wait for her, and callously and brutally bashing her with a blunt object intending to kill her," the Court said.

The Court dismissed the appeal, ruling that the sentence imposed was not wholly outside the range of sentences open to the sentencing judge.

Read the full judgement here.


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