06 July 2016

Murder jail term increased on appeal

The jail term imposed on a man who murdered his wife by stabbing her repeatedly in her bed has been increased following an appeal by the Director of Public Prosecutions John Champion S.C.

Brian Robert Browning had pleaded not guilty to murdering his wife in the early hours of 19 December 2013. A jury found him guilty and he was sentenced in the Supreme Court to 18 years' imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 14 years.

The Court of Appeal allowed the DPP's appeal that the sentence was manifestly inadequate, and increased the sentence to 21 years' imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 16 years.

The Court said that at the time of the murder,  Browning and his wife were separating but were continuing to live in the family home and sleeping in different bedrooms. In the early hours of 19 December 2013, Browning took a knife from the kitchen, entered the bedroom where his wife was sleeping, and stabbed her 15 times to the chest, neck and throat. Their adult daughter was in the house and was exposed to the aftermath.

Browning had no previous history of violence.

View the judgment.

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