01 April 2016

Murder sentence Appeal dismissed

A Director’s appeal against the sentence imposed on a man who pleaded guilty to murdering his former partner has been dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

The Court of Appeal said the sentence imposed on Isac Ayoul Daing of 18 years and six months’ imprisonment, with a minimum of 14 years and six months, was lenient but within the available range.

Daing pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court in February 2015 to the murder of Maryanne Sikai on 18 March 2014. The Court of Appeal said Daing had beat Ms Sikai to death in what was a “savage and merciless killing”.

In dismissing an appeal by the DPP John Champion S.C. that the sentence was “manifestly inadequate”, the Court of Appeal raised the question of whether current sentencing practices adequately reflected the seriousness with which such cases (involving the murder of domestic partners) ought to be viewed.

“Indeed, it might be queried whether, generally speaking, the ‘tariff’ for such killings is not too low,” the judgment said.
“If there is to be an increase in the prevailing sentencing standards for the murder of domestic partners, however, it must occur incrementally.” View the judgment here.

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