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Carol Keating Prize presented Senior Crown Prosecutor Michele Williams QC with Jacob Waller

Senior Crown Prosecutor Michele Williams QC with Jacob Waller

Senior Crown Prosecutor Michele Williams QC last week presented an OPP-sponsored prize for the best student in criminal law and procedure at Monash University.

The recipient of the Carol Keating Prize for Criminal Law and Procedure was Jacob Waller.

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WorkSafe appeal increases fine

A fine handed out to a recycling company following the death of an employee in 2012 has been increased from $225,000 to $425,000 by the County Court following an appeal by the Director of Public Prosecutions.


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John Champion - Director of Public Prosecutions

I was very pleased to announce last week the appointment of senior executive and lawyer John Cain as the next Solicitor for Public Prosecutions, effective from November this year.

The five-year appointment is an excellent outcome for the Office of Public Prosecutions and  the criminal justice system in Victoria. John will bring with him a breadth of legal experience and knowledge to the role, having a strong track record in public sector management and as a senior lawyer.


  • Success at the 2015 Modern Prosecutor Conference
  • Expanding the briefing pool
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Vaille Anscombe - Acting Solicitor for Public Prosecutions

This edition of The Prosecutor reflects the OPP's commitment to learning and development across the criminal justice system.

A recent highlight, as detailed in this edition, was the 2015 Modern Prosecutor Conference, organised by the OPP on behalf of the DPP, to assist external counsel to better understand the DPP's policies, procedures and expectations.

I am pleased to report that the conference, held for the second year in a row, was once again well received with 98 per cent of respondents rating the conference overall as either very good or excellent.


  • Positive outcomes in Victim and Witness Survey
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Attorney-General opens Modern Prosecutor Conference

The State Government was keen to hear feedback from legal practitioners about the impact of the introduction of baseline sentences, Attorney-General Martin Pakula told about 130 criminal lawyers at the opening of the 2015 Modern Prosecutor Conference.

“We do want to hear feedback from prosecutors about the potential impacts of this reform on the number of guilty pleas, about the length of plea hearings, about the length and complexity of sentencing submissions and any other concerns you might have,” Mr Pakula said.

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Ray Elston QC reflects on his career

In the early stages of his legal career former Senior Crown Prosecutor Ray Elston QC did not think he would work in criminal law.

After being admitted to practice as a barrister and solicitor in March 1973, Mr Elston worked in the areas of personal injury, insurance and commercial law for more than a decade.

He said once he was exposed to work in criminal law in the late 80s he was enthralled by it and didn’t look back.

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Victims and witnesses positive about support

An independent survey on the services provided by the OPP to victims and witnesses of crime has revealed a high level of overall satisfaction with the services they received.

The survey, conducted by the Social Research Centre, found that overall, 72 per cent of victims and witnesses were either satisfied or very satisfied with the service they received from the OPP.

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Legal trainees

Four young lawyers have begun their traineeships at the OPP, having been selected as part of a competitive process to undertake the 12-month placement.

Vivian Nguyen, Carlin Grant, Kirsten Westlake and Redmond Casey will be rotated through Complex Crime, Principal Prosecutions, Specialist Sex Offences and Appeals throughout this year as part of their traineeships.

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