In Focus
Ray Gibson returns to the Bar

Former Crown Prosecutor Ray Gibson enjoys unravelling the intricacies of a criminal case, and is continuing to do so on his return to the Victorian Bar.

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John Champion - Director of Public Prosecutions

I have an important role in reviewing Supreme and County Court sentences in matters prosecuted by the OPP, and appealing sentences to the Court of Appeal. I appeal matters if I consider there is an error in the sentence (and that a different sentence should have been imposed), and I am satisfied that an appeal should be brought in the public interest.

My role in appeals is one of the checks and balances in the criminal justice system towards achieving fair and just outcomes.

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John Cain - Solicitor for Public Prosecutions

With the completion of a major refurbishment project to modernise the OPP’s workplace, we are positioned to focus on two key challenges facing us as prosecutors, and the criminal justice system more generally.

The two key areas that we will focus on over the next year, and beyond are:

  • Improving the way we communicate with complainants and witnesses
  • Harnessing the efficiencies and benefits of the digital age in our systems and procedures
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Modernised workplace for the OPP

About 80 people from across the criminal justice system gathered to celebrate the completion of the OPP's $12.9 million project to modernise the Office of Public Prosecutions.

To mark the occasion, the OPP's conference facility was offiically named the John Harber Phillips Conference Centre after Victoria’s first Director of Public Prosecutions.

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Seasonal clerkships return to the OPP

Seasonal clerkships will once again be offered at the OPP as part of a renewed focus on attracting the best and brightest graduates to work in criminal prosecutions.

The three-week seasonal clerkships will inform the selection of legal trainees for 2018 and beyond, with the first intake to take place over summer 2016.

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Abalone trafficking prosecution recognised

Fisheries Victoria has presented an award to three OPP solicitors for their contribution to the prosecution of  13 people involved in a major abalone trafficking syndicate.

The OPP solicitors - Courtney Cameron, Alex Foster and Nick Cescato - worked on the prosecution after Fisheries Victoria officers observed the syndicate illegally poaching and selling abalone for 12 months in 2013-14.

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