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Carol Keating Award Recipient

Senior Crown Prosecutor Peter Rose S.C. last week presented an OPP-sponsored prize for the best student in criminal law and procedure at Monash University.


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Former Crown Prosecutor Claire Quin was appointed to the County Court on 25 February.

Crown Prosecutor Justin Lewis will begin his appointment as the first ongoing Geelong Crown Prosecutor in September.

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Melissa Griffiths, Victims Strategy Coordinator

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John Champion - Director of Public Prosecutions

I am pleased to advise that I have reappointed Craig Hyland as the Solicitor for Public Prosecutions for five years.

Craig was in the role of Solicitor when I arrived initially as Acting Director, and the period since then has been one of stability and sound management. As a member of the Director’s Committee, Craig has significantly contributed to the committee working productively and co-operatively.

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Craig Hyland - Solicitor for Public Prosecutions

The OPP's Witness Assistance Service has provided information and support to victims, witnesses and families of deceased victims of crime since 1995.

Since then demand for this service has grown exponentially - from 139 referrals to more than 3000 in 2012/13. It is therefore timely to examine the service we are providing and how it can best operate in future.

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Inaugural Director's Series - Marilyn Warren AC QC

Chief Justice Marilyn Warren AC QC paid tribute to the OPP's record on briefing women counsel as part of her presentation as inaugural guest speaker of the Director's Series recently.

"The OPP has established a model that is a national standard (for briefing women counsel)," Her Honour told about 120 OPP staff and Crown Prosecutors.

"It is truly something to be commended. In 2012/2013, 42 per cent of the private briefs across all briefs offered by the OPP went to women counsel. It is really outstanding."

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Briefing women counsel

The OPP's ‘one window’ briefing process, where all briefs are centralised, helps achieve consistency, address succession planning by briefing young barristers, and strive for improved gender balance.

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Momcilovic - the final chapter

A recent Court of Appeal decision relating to the proceeds of crime of Velimir Markovski  –  the de facto partner of Vera Momcilovic - will result in the forfeiture of property worth at least $1.5 million to the State.

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New victims policy

The Director of Public Prosecutions' expectations in relation to how prosecutors treat victims and witnesses has been consolidated into a comprehensive policy.

The Victims and Persons Adversely Affected by Crime policy, which combines five previous policies into one concise and clear policy, will make it easier for prosecutors to compy with their obligations under the Victims’ Charter and other relevant legislation.

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