Corporate Services supports the Office of Public Prosecutions’ (OPP) Legal Practice and provides professional services and a modern infrastructure to support the prosecution process. Corporate Services consists of Audio Visual, Facilities, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology Services, Library, Projects and Performance, and Registry reporting to the General Manager Corporate Services.


The Audio-Visual Unit is responsible for the production, post-production and reproduction of audio-visual evidence. Skilled technicians convert audio-visual evidence into a court-compatible format, edit closed-circuit television footage and construct ‘motion tracking’ of accused when requested. They also extract images from computer hard drives, edit records of interview, and edit and convert phone intercepts, text messages, mobile phone video footage, computer graphics and police re-enactment videos.


Facilities is responsible for managing accommodation, fleet, security, storage, office requisites, emergency evacuation, building risk management, environmental management and compliance with the building-related requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and current Victorian Government accommodation policies.


The Finance Unit develops and reviews all OPP financial policies and procedures, and processes all financial transactions. Finance also provides services in financial and management accounting, audit and risk management, financial analysis, reporting and compliance.

Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) provides advice and guidance to managers and employees, and assists the OPP to attract high-calibre employees. HR manages all learning and development activities, employee relations, occupational health and safety, employee wellbeing programs, recruitment and retention, payroll and leave management.

IT Services

Information Technology Services (IT) is responsible for managing the central IT capability and delivering IT services to employees across three sites. Experienced IT staff support both the Legal Practice and Corporate Services.


The Library is an inhouse collection of resources for all OPP staff. It provides access to a wide range of print and electronic legal information resources, including Commonwealth and Victorian legislation, law reports and law journals, books, textbooks, discussion papers and annual reports and reference materials. The Library also maintains and regularly updates the Unreported Judgments Database, and subscribes to various CD-ROM and online databases. Counsel briefed by the OPP are able to use the Library’s resources for the duration of the matter in which they are appearing.

Projects and Performance

The Projects and Performance Unit is responsible for strategic planning and reporting on the OPP’s performance. It prepares business cases and funding bids, and manages a wide range of OPP projects. It also assists with the audit and review of projects and processes, provides risk management advice and ensures that projects are monitored, measured and managed efficiently and consistently.


Records management services consists of a depositions section and a records section. Depositions is responsible for assembling and processing files on accused persons who have been committed for trial or plea, or who have been served with a direct indictment to the County or Supreme Courts. These files are then distributed to judges, prosecutors, solicitors and the accused within the statutory time limits. Records maintains records of all completed matters and monitors the storage of all archival files throughout the OPP in accordance with the disposal schedule set by the Public Record Office Victoria. Registry is also responsible for the day-to-day administration of PRISM (case database), eDeps (online depositions management) and the distribution of mail.

More information

For more information about the types of roles in Corporate Services see the Our roles – Corporate Services section of this website.