The Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP) is committed to improving its prosecution service and modernising work processes.

Strategic modernisation is taking place across the organisation including:

  • IT network infrastructure
  • electronic document and record management systems
  • advanced practice management system
  • electronic performance management system.

IT network infrastructure

Our IT network infrastructure and end-user systems are being upgraded to ensure we have the latest hardware and software technology.

We are investigating ways of using the latest in mobile technology to assist in our prosecutions. In addition to existing methods of remote access we are piloting the use of electronic tablets, with solicitors using them to access legal resources and to present evidence in court.

Electronic document and record management systems

A new records management system is being developed to transform the way we work with and store records, moving away from a paper-based office to electronically-stored records.
Benefits of the new system will include improved sharing of information across the OPP, reduced risk of non-authorised access of files, improved audit trails for file access, and improved accessibility to file documents.

Practice management system

The way we prosecute our matters will be standardised and enhanced with the development of a new practice management system, which supports the prosecution workflows, and integrates with other systems throughout the OPP. The management of our prosecution files will be more efficient with quick and easy access to all information and documentation about matters available to our solicitors and advocates.

Electronic performance management system

A new electronic performance management system, E-Performance, has been introduced to enhance the way we conduct performance management. The electronic system facilitates more regular communication between staff and their manager, and ensures work objectives are clear, measurable and achievable.