The Director’s Committee is established under the Public Prosecutions Act 1994 and consists of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the Chief Crown Prosecutor (CCP) and the Solicitor for Public Prosecutions.

The Director’s Committee is responsible for:

  • giving directions to Victoria Police or other investigative agencies in relation to offences referred to the DPP
  • determining which OPP staff may appear in court
  • consulting with the DPP in relation to the appointment or reappointment of a Crown Prosecutor or Associate Crown Prosecutor; and the removal of a Crown Prosecutor from office
  • providing advice to the DPP in relation the public prosecutions service generally.

The Director’s Committee is also responsible for determining ‘special decisions’ such as directly indicting a person for an offence or discontinuing a prosecution. For the purposes of considering a ‘special decision’, the committee constitutes the DPP, CCP and the most senior lawyer involved in the matter. If a Crown Prosecutor or Associate Crown Prosecutor is involved, they will be part of the committee.