A learning environment

Employees are encouraged to seek opportunities to improve the way they work and to engage in processes to identify learning opportunities that will meet individual and organisational goals.

In providing learning and development activities the Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP) aims to:

  • create a culture that values learning and continuous improvement
  • support employees to acquire and apply new skills
  • strengthen the development of managers and leaders
  • develop individual career paths
  • provide a flexible, highly-skilled workforce
  • maximise employee engagement
  • increase employee retention
  • promote a collaborative approach between employees and managers.

Performance management process

Employees and managers take part in the performance management process to improve individual and organisational performance. The process consists of agreement about the expectations of the employee's role, how those expectations are to be measured and what opportunities there are for improvement, all of which are aligned to the goals of the OPP.

Learning activities include:

  • continuing legal education seminars
  • access to external training programs – for example, leadership and management development
  • all-employee training programs – for example, performance management and recruitment processes
  • all-employee seminars – for example, health and wellbeing, retirement planning or values-based training
  • on-the-job training
  • coaching, ‘buddy’ and mentoring systems.