10 February 2020

A statement from the Director of Public Prosecutions Kerri Judd QC

An article published in today’s edition of The Age mischaracterises an aspect of the information I provided to the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants (the Commission) on 8 November 2019.
The information was provided in response to a request by the Commission of how and when the OPP became aware that Nicola Gobbo was used as a human source by Victoria Police. Its purpose was to provide a clear and detailed account to the Commission and to negate a suggestion that the OPP was aware of a 1999 registration of Nicola Gobbo during the ABvCD&EF litigation.
At no time did I accuse senior police, including Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton, of misleading the High Court and Supreme Court.
Both myself and the Office of Public Prosecutions continue to enjoy a strong and close working relationship with Victoria Police.

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Anthony Loncaric

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