10 August 2017

New Policy of the Director of Public Prosecutions

A new and simplified Policy of the Director of Public Prosecutions for Victoria aims to improve the community’s understanding of how prosecuting decisions are made.

The single, 50-page policy replaces a series of more than 50 policies and instructions. It provides guidance by which prosecuting decisions are made and ensures that the procedures associated with prosecuting are conducted according to principled standards.

Director of Public Prosecutions John Champion S.C. said the new policy reflects a modern approach to prosecuting and is an important part of accountability and transparency.

“The previous set of policies no longer bared sufficient connection to the practice of a modern day prosecutor’s role so we decided to rationalise them into one easily accessible document,” Mr Champion said.

“The new policy will not be a printed document and will reside on the OPP website where it will be available for all Victorians to see.”

Mr Champion said the Policy will remain under constant review and will be updated as required.

“It should be regarded as a living body of work and will be updated periodically to reflect changes in law and changes in circumstances,” he said.

The new policy can be accessed via the Office of Public Prosecutions website here.

For further information contact:

Anthony Loncaric

03 9603 2603