The OPP confiscates criminal assets, assists victims and witnesses, and contributes expertise to legislative changes to criminal law.

The Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP) prosecutes serious crime on behalf of the people of Victoria. We assess the adequacy of briefs of evidence, consider the legal issues, instruct and appear in court. As part of this process we liaise with police, victims and witnesses, and the courts to ensure witnesses and evidence are ready and available when needed.


Advocacy and Briefing

In servicing the needs of the Victorian community the OPP ensures each brief is assigned to an appropriate prosecutor. Using a centralised briefing system we consider the complexity of each matter and allocate cases according to their unique requirements. Crown Prosecutors, inhouse advocates and private counsel are assigned to prosecute hearings.


The OPP conducts appeals on behalf of the DPP, either as an appellant or respondent. Appeals solicitors undertake work in the County Court, the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court of Australia, in both the civil and criminal jurisdictions.

Policy and Specialised Legal

Policy and Specialised Legal keeps the prosecution service abreast of legal developments, provides advice, and ensures the OPP’s criminal prosecution expertise is taken into account in all major legislative reviews.

Proceeds of Crime

Proceeds of Crime plays a crucial role in disrupting the activities of serious and organised crime through confiscating proceeds of crime, including money, homes, shares, cars and bank accounts.

Trial Divisions

The OPP's three trial divisions prosecute serious indictable matters that are handled by the OPP.

Victims Strategy and Services

Victims Strategy and Services, through its Witness Assistance Service, provides information and support to adult victims and witnesses involved in matters prosecuted by the OPP. It assists the OPP to meet its legislative obligations to victims of crime.

Court lists

The court lists page provides links to daily court lists from the County Court, Magistrates' Court and Supreme Court.

External Agencies

The OPP prosecutes serious matters on behalf of external agencies like WorkSafe, Consumer Affairs and IBAC. Find out more about the OPP’s expectations of external agencies and who is responsible for each step in the trial process.

Modern Prosecutions

The OPP has undertaken several initiatives to improve current work practices through innovation and the adoption of new technologies.