The Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP) receives and prosecutes matters received from Victoria Police and other investigative agencies. In servicing the needs of the Victorian community the OPP ensures that each matter is assigned to an appropriate prosecutor.

A centralised briefing system is used to consider the complexity of each matter and to allocate cases – according to their unique requirements – to Crown Prosecutors, Solicitor Advocates or external barristers.

OPP Solicitor Advocates play a significant role in prosecutions. The Solicitor Advocates are highly trained, skilled and experienced solicitors who provide efficiencies for the community.

All OPP solicitors are encouraged and supported to appear in court in accordance with the OPP Advocacy Hearing Framework, and to undertake advocacy training.

Role of Advocacy and Briefing

Advocacy and Briefing:

  • provides a centralised briefing service in the OPP
  • achieves consistency in our briefing practices
  • matches matters to appropriate barristers by reference to their skills and experience
  • trys to achieve gender balance
  • develops the role of our Solicitor Advocates and provides a framework around the management and allocation of work to Solicitor Advocates.

Gender balance in briefing

The OPP strives to achieve a gender balance when assigning matters.

Management of Solicitor Advocates

Solicitor Advocates appear across all courts in the court hierarchy on a daily basis. They prosecute committal mentions, bail applications, committals, plea hearings and appeals. In addition Principal Advocates under the OPP Advocacy Hearing Framework may prosecute less complex trials.

Advocacy and Briefing delivers yearly advocacy training focused on interactive skill-based training and assigns a Crown Prosecutor to mentor each advocate to help develop their skills.

Bail and breaches

The Bail and Breaches section of Advocacy and Briefing responds on behalf of the DPP to applications for bail in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, and prosecutes breaches of non-custodial orders in the Supreme and County Courts.