The OPP has undertaken several initiatives to improve current work practices through innovation and the adoption of new technologies.

This page has been set up to assist external agencies with understanding these new work practices.

Electronic Trials
Electronic trials utilise a combination of hardware and software technology to present evidence in an electronic format. Electronic trials are conducted like traditional paper-based hearings except all documentation is submitted, presented and viewed electronically. Click here to find out more.

Paperless Practice
To reduce paper use in the workplace the OPP commenced a paperless pilot initiative to encourage all staff to work, where possible in an exclusively digital format. This has been of particular benefit to the legal practice, with solicitors now utilising specialist software to prepare briefs and large files for criminal matters. Click here to find out more.

Electronic Briefs
An electronic brief portal was developed and piloted in late-2017 to enable Victoria Police to serve digital briefs of evidence to the OPP, Magistrates’ Court and defence counsel in an online platform. Click here to find out more.

Model Depositions
The OPP is currently in the process of developing new look depositions that are user-friendly for a digital format. The OPP has consulted with internal staff, Crown Prosecutors and Counsel in this project. Click here to find out more.