In June 2017, the OPP set a challenge to embrace technology and work towards a more efficient and effective workplace. 

A key part of this initiative was a move towards a paperless practice. This involved all areas of the OPP working collaboratively to develop solutions to move to a digital environment.

The results to date have been noteworthy.  Over the past year, monthly print volumes have reduced by 58 per cent.  File and brief preparation times have also significantly reduced as a result of OPP lawyers and administrative staff working directly on digital documents.  This means OPP lawyers are able to spend more time on providing legal support and adding value to our cases.

Some of our digital solutions:

  • All incoming hard documents are now scanned and saved electronically into our document management system.
  • Our internal correspondence is now digital with automated actions that track decisions and allow for auditing and review.
  • Our lawyers are equipped with a portable device that mimics their desktop.
  • Our lawyers are using PDF software products to create intuitive briefs to external barristers and internal advocates.
  • Introduction of sharing platform – which allows barristers briefed by the OPP to download electronic files directly from our document management system.
  • Our lawyers are piloting a re-usable notebook, as a solution to managing written notes.
  • Moving towards a fully digital workfile with the co-operation of the Courts through eLodgement of documents and delivering Depositions via the cloud.

In November 2017, a Prosecution Technology Specialist was embedded into one the trial divisions to assist with coming up with innovative ways to present OPP cases in court and reduce the reliance on paper.  To date, The OPP has successfully used tablet devices to create electronic jury books, which has led to an enormous saving in both time and paper.   Touch screens and annotation software has also been used to better present evidence in Court. 

These initiatives are helping drive the OPP’s ongoing commitment to embrace digital solutions to ensure an effective and efficient legal practice.