Role of Policy and Specialised legal division

The Policy and Specialised Legal Division undertakes research, develops policies and delivers advice on current legal issues for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP).

The Policy and Specialised Legal Division provides support on a number of fronts to OPP solicitors, Crown Prosecutors, the OPP Executive and the DPP. It keeps the prosecution service abreast of legal developments and ensures the OPP’s criminal prosecution expertise is taken into account in all major legislative reviews. It regularly reviews and updates the DPP's Policy.

A key role of this area of expertise is to coordinate and provide advice on matters dealt with by OPP staff and external agencies.

The Policy and Specialised Legal Division is responsible for developing and updating the OPP sentencing database to assist the courts on sentencing issues. It monitors and coordinates the case completion reports compiled after each sentencing.

It also represents the OPP on several committees concerned with improving the criminal justice system, and contributes to legislative reforms and reviews instituted by the Victorian Government.

Solicitors researching a particular issue liaise with solicitors from the OPP Legal Practice, the DPP and relevant external agencies. They also draft and prepare written submissions to the Victorian Government on behalf of the OPP and DPP.  

Staff from the Policy and Specialised Legal Division work regularly with the:

  • Department of Justice and Regulation Policy Unit
  • Department of Justice Crimes, Evidence and Bail Acts (CEBA) Project Unit
  • Judicial College of Victoria
  • Sentencing Advisory Council
  • Policy and Legal Advice Units within Victoria Police
  • Victorian Law Reform Commission.