Victims Strategy and Services aims to:

  • ensure that victims and witnesses are properly informed and supported during the court process
  • assist the OPP to meet its legislative obligations to victims of crime.

We have produced a number of publications for victims and witnesses about the court process.

WAS supports witnesses and victims

WAS has experienced social workers who support victims of crime and their families through the court process.

WAS social workers work closely with Victoria Police informants, the prosecuting solicitors from the OPP and the Victorian Bar, to ensure that victims of crime are well informed and supported throughout the court process.

WAS social workers can explain the court process for victims, witnesses and the families of victims who have died as the result of violent crime. They can provide support and guidance as matters progress through the courts. They can provide referrals to support agencies such as the Child Witness Service; the Victims Assistance and Counselling Program; and Court Network, whose volunteers can provide support on the day of a court appearance.

The involvement of WAS with victims and witnesses ranges from providing information over the telephone to familiarising them with the court process and giving evidence. Contact with the service may be for a short period or over several months (or years), depending on the length of the court process.