1. The Public Prosecutions Service (PPS), which means all OPP staff, Crown Prosecutors and counsel briefed by the OPP, will, upon request:

  • confirm facts that have been presented in open court; and
  • provide information in accordance with Table A below.

2. The PPS will not provide information:

  • that may prejudice any current or future court case
  • that may interfere with an ongoing investigation
  • that may put the safety of any person at risk
  • where release or publication of the information may breach any statutory provision or court order
  • that may interfere with the privacy rights of a third party
  • that may embarrass or cause distress to a victim or a family member of a victim
  • that is offensive or distressing
  • that discloses police methodologies
  • if providing the information would require unreasonable editing of materials
  • if the DPP considers that it is not in the public interest to provide the information.

3. If the media requests any information specified in paragraph 2 above or marked “will not be provided” in Table A above, and the information has been tendered into evidence or is otherwise on the court file, the media may make an application to the court for access to the information.

4. For all media inquiries, contact Nicci De Ryk on 0401 485 003 or at media@opp.vic.gov.au.