Two Crown Prosecutors appointed

Two Victorian barristers, Kristie Churchill and Robyn Harper, have been appointed as Crown Prosecutors.

New DPP appointed

Kerri Judd QC has been appointed as Director of Public Prosecutions for Victoria.

Meet the new Chief Crown Prosecutor

Brendan Kissane QC has been appointed as Chief Crown Prosecutor.

OPP Annual Report 2016/17

Guilty outcomes were at a record high in 2016/17.

New Policy of the Director of Public Prosecutions

A new and simplified Policy of the Director of Public Prosecutions for Victoria aims to improve the community’s understanding of how prosecuting decisions are made.

John Cain is the Solicitor for Public Prosecutions

Senior executive and lawyer John Cain began in the role of Solicitor for Public Prosecutions (SPP) in Victoria in November 2015.

Director's Appeals

The Director of Public Prosecutions can institute an appeal against sentence.

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Witnesses and victims

Get help from the Witness Assistance Service

Support for victims

Victims and witnesses are central to the criminal justice system and play an important part in the prosecution process. Find out about the court process and where to go for information and support.

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Leading the prosecutions service

Kerri Judd QC

Kerri Judd QC is Victoria's Director of Public Prosecutions. She was appointed to the position on March 6, 2018.

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John Cain

John Cain is Victoria's Solicitor for Public Prosecutions. He began in the role in November 2015.

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Brendan Kissane QC

Brendan Kissane QC is Victoria's Chief Crown Prosecutor. He was appointed to the role on March 6, 2018.

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